Having fun in the Om kitchen!

Having fun in the Om kitchen!

Eat to Prevent Migraines.

At Om, we believe finding the "diet" that works best for your body to be a practice of self love. 

No two bodies are exactly the same, so the diet that works best for you may differ from the diet that works best for someone else.

From what we have read and experienced firsthand, diets within a Ketogenic or Paleo fit the needs of migraineurs best.

Both the Ketogenic and Paleo diets provide numerous health benefits, mainly through eliminating refined sugars, grains, certain oils, and processed foods. These diets, specifically, are recommended for migraineurs because they reduce inflammation in the body and stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day, both being pervasive food related migraine triggers. Additional health benefits include consistent energy levels, reduction in post-meal fatigue, a more stable mood, improved blood pressure, weight loss, and reduced risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, many forms of cancer, arthritis and heart disease.

At Om, we recommend our members begin with a food and migraine journal to identify any food triggers since the list is just about endless for the foods that can trigger migraines from one person to the next. Here is a list of common triggers and associated tips we have compiled. We also recommend trying a Ketogenic diet framework (and also recommend consulting with your physician before making any drastic dietary changes like this). The Ketogenic diet's effectiveness in reducing migraines has been documented by Dr. Josh Turknett across hundreds of patients, and clinical studies led by Cherubino Di Lorenzo PhD provide supporting evidence.

We recognize that adhering to a Ketogenic diet is not easy - but we truly believe the benefits of your determination in this area far outweigh the negatives. At Om we tend to view it as less of a diet, and more so a practice of self love. And the longer you stick with it, the more beneficial it will be. The first couple weeks are often the most challenging, with many people experiencing flu like symptoms as their body detoxes. But after the initial detox your body will begin to normalize and the health benefits manifest in various ways. Our experiences with this diet have been highly encouraging. 

We hope and pray you find a way of eating that brings healing and support to your beautiful and perfect body.