Having fun in the Om kitchen!

Having fun in the Om kitchen!

Eat to Prevent Migraines.

This section is in progress and will have more info soon.

At Om, we believe finding the "diet" that works best for your body is a practice of self love. 

No two bodies are exactly the same. So the diet, or list of foods, that works best for you may differ from the diet that works best for someone else.

An elimination diet and food journal are both helpful tools in identifying migraine triggering foods. In an elimintation diet, one begins by cutting out common food triggers for at least 2 weeks. Then, once a baseline of feeling good has been established, gradually add foods back in one at a time while monitoring one’s body’s reaction.

Foods commonly reported as triggers are chocolate, alcohol, caffiene, aged cheeses, MSG, cured meats, meat in general, citrus, eggs, dairy, onions (especially raw), refined sugars, artificial sugar alternatives like aspartame and sucralose, artificial and natural flavorings, wheat / gluten, and nuts.

Another widely reported trigger - more so than any one food - is missing a meal or fasting. From what we have read, there are differing hypotheses for why, but one thing is clear - it is a trigger for many. So take care to travel with a healthy, non-sugary snack! A spike in your blood glucose levels from eating something sugary can also be a trigger for many.

The topic of food and migraine is multifaceted - just like migraine itself. And we are committed to exploring as many facets as we can. Join our community for blogs and emails on this topic.

We hope and pray you find a way of eating that brings healing and support to your beautiful and perfect body.