Natural migraine relief

Zen Nectar

om's Exclusive Blend

for migraine Relief


Food is love

And the most delicious medicine for migraine relief.

When on a strict set diet (such as vegan or ketogenic) cooking can be time consuming and tiring. But, I have found food to be crucial in my journey of self love. And now that I experience food as a way to reduce and prevent migraines, I am even more excited about creating in the kitchen.

Cooking feels sacred to me, but even more sacred - sharing food with others. 

Explore new ways to work with your gorgeous body through the food you create.





and nourish

your mind.

With stress being one of

the most common migraine triggers,

this entire page is devoted to relaxation.

Find sanctuary in these meditation

and restorative yoga practices


(all levels of experience). 

yoga relax.jpeg


Exercise to feel good.

30 minutes of cardio,

3x a week,

is AS EFFECTIVE as the leading

prescription migraine preventative.

Explore how to bring healing

& MIGRAINE RELIEF to your beautiful body

through movement. 

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We are so much stronger


That is why we are passionate

about being a Community.

Read stories of inspiration

and experience

in this section.

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