We love this cookbook - it's innovative, informative, and gets our creative cooking juices flowing!  

Just keep in mind that we recommend a ketogenic diet for migraine prevention. Although this book does not follow ketogenic in all recipes, a lot of them do, and those that don't can be easily modified. Overall, a wonderful cookbook that will inspire you to eat clean.

This is the book that started us down the path of a ketogenic diet, which certainly seems to be helping our staff reduce the number and severity of their migraines. Please note - a ketogenic diet is very cleansing, and your body will go through a transition period as it removes the toxins. People can experience everything from severe fatigue to flu like symptoms during this period. Sarah had flu like symptoms for almost a month (although we've read the average is 1-2 weeks).  She's feeling much stronger now and the frequency and severity of her migraines have gone down.