Nokabox - Stylish Pill Box

Nokabox - Stylish Pill Box


We love Noka Supply’s innovative re-invention of the pill organizer!

Not only is it stylish, Nokabox supports the migraineur who is on the go and takes daily preventative Vitamins and/or medications.

Taking daily preventatives is part of my migraine wellness plan - but traditional pill organizers left a negative association for me. Nokabox’s CEO, Lauren, has put love and understanding into her design - knowing that people taking daily medication deserve a solution that is not only functional, but beautiful.

Each drawer will hold 12 aspirin-sized tablets, 3-4 large vitamins, or 1 fish-oil pill.

Magnetic drawers are easy to retrieve, but stay in place when you’re on the move. Not to mention, feeling the drawer click into place is surprisingly satisfying. It’s the little things, right?

The fabric case wraps around and closes with a magnetic clasp, creating a fashionable and discreet appearance.

I hope you love Nokabox as much as I do!

-Sarah, CEO and Co-founder of Om Lifestyle

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