Deluxe Om Community Box - "The Defender"

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Deluxe Om Community Box - "The Defender"


We couldn't be more excited to announce the unveiling of our newest box of healing goodies to aid you in your battle with migraines. 

"The Defender" Om Community Box is focused on defending our bodies from toxins - in the air, in our food, and absorbed through our skin. As we defend our bodies in this way, we strengthen ourselves in our battle with migraines. 

Reserve your box today for October delivery!

Products include:

  • Flax Migraine Headache-Allergy Relief Pillow, with Lavender (can be cooled in the freezer OR warmed in the microwave; you'll love the soft feeling of the flax!)


  • Organic Dandelion Root Tea (great for detoxing, weight loss, reduce bloating, high in antioxidants, and promotes liver, bone, skin, and heart health, among other health benefits!)


  • Natural Calm (5 packs of raspberry-lemon, to be used in conjunction with the Dandelion Root Tea - so healthy! And defends your body against migraines with a boost of magnesium.)


  • 2 Shanti Bars (the Immunity Bar, with 17 grams of plant-based protein, this bar is perfect as a meal replacement; we also included an on-the-go bar with goji berries for skin health, turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties, cardamom for a digestive aid, chia seeds for a rich source of calcium, and hemp seeds for an excellent source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.)


  • Velvety Vanilla Lip Balm (Sarah is obsessed with this lip balm and we're certain you will be too, plus it's all organic so that you don't absorb any harmful chemicals!)


  • No More Nausea Organic Balm (when your migraine causes tummy trouble, this balm works at the source of the symptoms and is intended to be rubbed directly on the tummy to alleviate excess acids and gasses; additionally, it works as an aroma-therapeutic remedy when rubbed on the temples, chest or wrists.)


  • Zen Nectar (we've had such tremendous feedback on Zen Nectar, Om's exclusive topical gel for migraine relief, so we made sure to include it again!)


  • Clean Eating Magazine (we found The Budget Issue to be very helpful since eating cleanly can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be!)

Om is donating a full 10% of the proceeds from this box to UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), a leading non-profit helping disadvantaged children with services such as vaccinations and pre-natal care for healthy births. 

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