Deluxe Erbaviva Box - Over $80 value

Deluxe Erbaviva Box - Over $80 value

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This box was inspired by the amazing Erbaviva products and the cold winter weather!

We have included a full sized Breathe Bath Salts with organic essential oils of eucalyptus, cedar and spruce to help ease any upper respiratory discomfort and aching muscles you may have from your migraines or due to the dry cold weather ($32 retail).

Next we added the finest quality Peppermint essential oils to help combat headache pain and ease nausea ($25 retail).

Quease-Ease Organic Lip Balm is another item we have included to help you combat nausea on the go ($8 retail).

And to provide you with as much migraine fighting power as we can, we have included Om's very own Zen Nectar! Take it with you so that you are always one step ahead of your migraine ($20 retail).

Lastly, we want to give you the power of prevention with Natural Calm Magnesium. This drink mix is as tasty as it is good for you ($5 retail).

You will also recieve an Om winter sticker for your decorating pleasure. :)

We hope this box helps make your holiday season lovely and bright! 

Namaste - Sarah

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