A New Definition of "Foodie"

Hi there, I’m Greg, co-founder of Om and Sarah’s fiancé. This blog post is about my life with Sarah and how food has been so important to our health and preventing migraines.

When Sarah was getting migraines almost everyday, I was very scared. Looking back, it feels like a nightmare when I was witnessing my best friend and such a powerful woman consumed with pain and confined to our bedroom.

But we’ve overcome that time period. Sarah still has migraines, however they’re far less severe. And our experience has given me a strong belief that there is hope for all migraineurs to improve their condition by dedicating themselves to finding the clean diet that works best for them.

Every 35 days, your skin replaces itself. Your liver, about a month. Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes you. So you have a choice in what you're made of. 

Every body is different, and there is no one-size fits all migraine prevention diet. But until Sarah and I fully dedicated ourselves to exploring food, we never knew what diet was best for our health, and for preventing Sarah’s migraines.

Our food journey began with a vegetarian diet, which ultimately did not help enough with Sarah’s headaches and our overall energy levels. We tried a gluten-free diet, which did not have the effect we were hoping for either.

That time period was very challenging. Sarah is so appreciative of food and such a talented cook, and she was putting so much thought, effort and creativity into making delicious meals that fit rigid dietary constraints - yet it wasn’t helping her condition. So it was very tempting to go back to eating pizza and cooking delicious pasta dishes. We LOVE Italian food!

But instead, we tried a Ketogenic diet, known for reducing inflammation in the body with very strict dietary guidelines, such as eliminating all processed food, refined sugar, grains, significantly reducing carbohydrates, and reducing bacteria and steroid hormone intake with organic protein. It’s very strict, and after a couple weeks it seemed promising.

Around this time, Sarah went out with her friend to Krispy Kreme. She hadn’t had sweets in quite a while. And after only one bite of the delicious doughnut, she felt the migraine coming. At that point she absolutely knew food was a contributing factor to her migraines.

So Sarah became 100% dedicated to the Ketogenic diet, which was the most difficult during the first month or so. Her stomach was yucky and she had flu-like symptoms for a couple weeks. But her migraines seemed to be less severe and starting to become less frequent, and we knew the other symptoms were likely the result of her body detoxing.

So she pushed through the discomfort, practicing yoga and meditation when she was feeling strong enough, remembering to stay hydrated and embrace self-love, and all the hard work and perseverance has paid off tremendously.

We both feel healthier than we’ve ever felt. And Sarah is continuing to overcome one of the most debilitating neurological diseases. Changing to a Ketogenic diet has not cured her migraines, but it has helped more than we ever thought possible. 

Watching Sarah in the kitchen gives me such an appreciation for the meals she makes. She was always a great cook, but now the kitchen has truly become her haven. She knows the food is nourishing her recovery. And she pours her heart into it. So I’d like to propose a new definition of “Foodie”: Someone who explores food with the intent to improve one’s health and the health of loved ones through delicious, nutritious cooking.

foodie sarah.jpg

Although food is only one piece of a holistic healing approach for migraines, it is crucial. So I hope this note inspires you to explore what you eat with passion and optimism.

It takes hard work, but the food that’s best for your unique and amazing body is waiting, and with it are more migraine free days.

If you need help or support along the way, let us know (support@omhomelife.com). We are stronger together.

Greg, Om Co-Founder