Om Community Box for migraineurs


I hope this email finds you in a place where you can pause (if only for a minute) and focus on the positives in your life.... family, friends, your achievements at home or at work, the sky, the earth, and all that nourishes your mind, body and soul.

For most of my life, I've wrestled with thoughts of self doubt and worry - and this weekend I was reminded that we are here to fulfill our potential on this earth by LIVING OUR PURPOSE. 

That can only be achieved by living from a place of balance and contentment, where there is little tolerance for fear and negativity. It takes a warrior's courage to confront negativity. And when we set our gaze on our intention with fierce confidence and love, nothing can stand in our way! 

And that brings me to some very exciting news...

Through our survey, we had Om members from around the world express interest in receiving a box of goodies delivered to your home to provide support in your battle with migraines. As we contacted companies for potential partnerships for this box - we realized the true POWER of the migraineur community. 

We're so excited to announce that we've secured partnerships with Erbaviva and The Tea Spot for the first Om Community Box. Both of these AMAZING companies have women affected by migraines in leadership roles who understand our vision and want to support our community.

Although self doubt is a struggle for me, when I find the courage to persevere against the negativity, blessings show up unexpectedly. I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming Om Community Box, and I hope this email brings you some positivity and encouragement. Remember, we are stronger together.


"I acknowledge the power and beauty within you and myself."

Sarah - Founder, CEO