Caitlin's battle with migraines

My name is Caitlin, I am 27 years old. I started experiencing bad migraines at age 13 where I noticed being in bed and needing lights off. Sensitivities and nausea, even vomiting. By age 18 I was working and my migraines were worsening with stress because I was taking on more responsibilities. We (my parents & I) noticed my mood change but my eyes weren't functioning the same, so I had to see an opthalmologist first. He deemed it unsafe to drive, but just occular disturbances from migraine. I had a spinal tap at age 21 from being in the ER from weird pressure (they thought maybe pseudo tumor cerebri, maybe meningitis) results were clean, but am now dealing with an ovarian cyst, reoccuring kidney stones and bipolar which was the mood problem mentioned earlier. I had taken topamax and it actually made my bipolar more noticeable. So I am a constant work in progress. We all are.