Maria's battle with migraines

Hello my name is Maria and I have been suffering from migraines since I was 16. I am going on 28 in April. I never realized my head was always hurting until my friends in school said “your head always hurts”. It made me realize they were right and I had my mom take me to the doctors. Ever since then I have been seen by a neurologist and tried numerous medications. Honestly i think they work and then stop for me. Ive changed my eating habits to see what my triggers could be but I found the weather, lack of or too much sleep, sun, noise,  and the smell of oranges are all triggers for me. I can easily have a migraine daily or up to 5 times a week. Sometimes a nap helps or simply being alone in a dark room. Ive found yoga to be relaxing and helps clear my mind.

I drink lots of hot tea and have learned that ginger tea is a big help for me especially when I have the nausea. I like drinking a hot cup of tea and drink it while its really hot. I feel it opens my sinus area and helps relax me.

I appreciate finding communities that are for us who suffer from migraines. I think our families and friends know we must be in pain but I always felt they don’t understand how bad it really is. Their suggestions are kind gestures but since they don’t experience it for themselves they don’t really know. I am tired of taking pills to help me get through the day and prefer to try to get rid of the migraine naturally.

Its not uncommon for me to cancel or delay an activity due to waking up with a migraine. The only reason I've called out of work is because of my head not because I'm sick with a cold or flu.

When I started following The Daily Migraine and Migraine Again, I was actually happy to read articles or see pictures that I honestly can relate to. It feels good to be a part of a community that people understand. Growing up that was not around and I felt alone dealing with my pain. The doctors made me feel like I might be making this all up! I thank you for starting the Om Community.