Living with migraines

Everything is Connected.jpg

Living with migraines and chronic pain can bring a feeling of disconnect that not everyone understands. 

Inspired by Earth Day on Sunday, I was desiring to feel more connected to the universe around me. 

SO, today, I listened to a podcast - a TEDtalk radio hour about how our Earth is thoroughly connected. Below is the podcast which is a compilation of snippets from multiple TED talks ranging from topics like "re-wilding" to whales. It also discusses the theory that our earth is liken to one giant organism - each species playing it's own role in the functioning of the earth. This podcast will surely have you in awe of our earth, and the role we play in it. 

Just like our Earth is one organism, so are we. Our bodies are incredibly complex and connected. Migraines are not singular in nature- typically not being triggered by a singular thing or involving just a singular part of our bodies. That is why a holistic approach is so important. The more layers of support and defense we can give ourselves through lifestyle modifications, the more equipped we will be to fight migraines. 


Listen, be inspired, and let me know what you think in the Comments below. 

We are stronger together.