"My neurologist recommended...

Om Zen Nectar".

Zen Nectar

What is Om Zen Nectar?

It's a natural pain relieving gel for migraines. It's also a product I have a deep passion for.

To break it down further, "Om" is the name of a company my wife Sarah and I founded to help people with migraines. At the time, we were recently engaged. 

"Zen Nectar" is the name of the product we invented through the process of helping Sarah battle migraines.

We started Om in January 2016, when Sarah's migraines were at their worst - over 15 per month. Around this time we were desperately sifting through clinical studies and research for what might help Sarah find pain relief. 

It was a scary time.

Sarah was forced to resign from her job and we weren't sure whether we'd find a solution. 

  • Migraine is a disease with extremely incapacitating neurological symptoms, which are different from a headache. 
  • The World Health Organization classifies migraine as among the most disabling illnesses.
  • It impacts about 2% of the world population. 
  • In the US, about 30M women (3x more than men). 

I suspect US rates are higher than the world for several reasons. For example, migraines are misunderstood in many parts of the world & misdiagnosed, and they are impacted by so many factors, pollution, genetics, food (processed, GMOs, for instance), stress, and weather. In fact, even common migraine medications cause rebound headaches with "overuse". In short, our culture and environment are migraine magnets.

Yet, when things were at their worst for Sarah, through extensive research, little by little a vision began to form of how we could fight migraines in a natural way, the path we thought was best for Sarah's health (which ran somewhat counter to the direction the healthcare system was pointing us). 

So we started practicing natural migraine healing through the food we eat, regular yoga practice and stress relief, proper sleep, proper hydration and minimal alcohol, among other lifestyle changes, such as Zen Nectar for pain relief. We absolutely feel these changes have elevated our overall quality of life, in addition to reducing the frequency and severity of Sarah's migraines. 

We therefore shared this journey with the "Om Community", created through connecting with migraineurs online (and more recently, in person). 

In connecting with so many people we often hear unique and inspiring stories. This week, about 2.5 years from when we started Om, we received an email from a community member indicating that she loved her Zen Nectar. Interestingly, her neurologist recommended it.

To read that was surreal - and validating.

I am so grateful for this journey that Sarah and I have been on, and how it continues to evolve. I thank the Universe for giving Sarah and I the strength and opportunity to find natural solutions, and for people taking a leap of faith and believing in this approach. 

Fighting migraines is a constant battle, every day. So we say at Om, "Namaste" - meaning:

"The peaceful warrior in me, honors the peaceful warrior in you and myself".

It takes a warrior to fight this disease, and there are millions of such warriors out there.

With a shift in thinking about how we fight, and with an open mind to natural solutions, together, we win. 


Greg Runco, Om Co-Founder