Redefining chronic pain

Dear friend,

This past instagram and blog post is very personal to me.

Comparison is a theme in my life which has created unnecessary pain.

The other day, I walked by a tree over 6 feet in diameter (maybe more) in the middle of the city!

I was awestruck by its magnificence.

It made me think about how I was seeing it in all its glory,

and not during all of the storms and lifetimes it has lived through to get to that moment.

I pray if you can relate to the following message, that you find some peace and comfort knowing you are not alone.

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Chronic pain can lead to comparison and thoughts of "should be" -

like "I should feel better" or "I should be able to keep my plans," etc...

But the "should" doesn't help us feel better or create space for growth -

it just creates more pain.

There is beauty and purpose in our challenges.

Trees need stress to grow old.

Without the stress from wind's constant movement,

a tree will fall when it is tested and won't reach full maturity.

When we realize that our stress is necessary to our growth,

we begin to accept our peace and struggles,

both as equally beautiful.

It is ok to desire change while accepting and having gratitude for what is.

When we embrace our own path, we grow.

All love,

Sarah & Om