What is Our Tribe, the Om Community?

Over the last two years –

fifteen thousand people connected with Om.


You likely heard about Om through our Instagram: @omhomelife

Or through word of mouth.


Primarily, Om is a community of people connected by the shared experience of battling chronic pain.


Most of us fight headaches and migraines –

isolation and anxiety.

Through this shared experience, we find common ground.


As a community, we stand for:



and seeking natural ways of healing.


Whether with yoga, walks in nature, natural supplements and pain relievers, meditation, CBD, a regular sleep cycle, herbal tea, exercise, proper hydration, or all natural food –


despite our pain we can always grow stronger,

and achieve greater peace & prosperity.


So when you meet someone, hear them,

and learn they are fighting their own battle,

share our message of positivity - 


There is always hope.

There is always room for growth.


We sincerely thank you for being the voice of the Om Community.


Our tribe matters, because we are stronger together.


Sarah - Om Co-Founder, CEO