Prayer of Gratitude

Gratitude and love are the closest things to magic that we have in this lifetime. 

And when we come together with those attributes - nothing can stand in our way.

At least that is what I truly believe and have found to be true in my life. 

Gratitude has the power to change everything

It is powerful perspective - and when our hearts are focused on the love and beauty in our lives, love and beauty is what we see - and it is limitless. 

My prayer for you and myself this holiday season is that we stay focused on what truly matters and endures. 

The people in our lives, our well-being and happiness, and the gift of being you, alive, with the ability to experience the awesomeness of consciousness. 

Recognize the power within you that is gratitude - and be inspired. 

Happy holidays,

with much love and hope to you and yours -