Sleep with migraines

Happy New Year sweet friends!

2016 is officially sooo last year. ;)  

Before this glorious, brand new year started, I resolved to create a more structured routine for myself in 2017. More specifically, to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day.

You might think this is a silly new year’s resolution, but the struggle is real for me! I have never had a consistent wake up time… Not in college, not as a music therapist… or at Om. Like many of us, I have difficulty falling asleep at night. BUT, I have an even more difficult time waking up in the morning.

No joke – I missed my first. ever. college class because I overslept due to not waking up to my alarm.

Since then, my hatred for alarms has only grown. Urg.

Another reason I have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning is that I wake up with a headache and feeling sore most mornings. I know many of you can relate to that feeling.

So, why is this resolution important in the first place?

Research has shown that migraineurs who get between 7-8 hours of sleep a night with routine sleep and wake times have less headaches. If you get less than 6 hours or more than 8.5, you are more likely to get a headache. Also, a shift in sleep schedule is a common trigger. AND headaches, sleep, and mood all share common regions of the brain and chemical messengers.

We have established that having a regular sleep schedule is important – but how to make that happen…?

I had an idea.

What if I could wake up to my own voice… saying positive things …? That way ‘I’ could set the tone of my day, not my alarm! 

So that’s what I did. And it is amazing!

I started by writing my script….

“Good Morning Sarah!

Breathe in deeply and take a moment to wiggle your fingers and toes.

Keep breathing, and think of one thing you’re grateful for today.

Now set your intention for today.

Bring your hands to your heart and repeat your intention.

Bow to the most beautiful you and be grateful for the beauty within you.”

I don’t care if my script sounds silly – it helps me wake up with a smile on my face and feeling ready for the day.

We all have our struggles and goals.

What is your new year’s resolution? What are you changing about your approach to achieving this goal?