A glimpse into our 2018, Om Escape! (Asheville, NC)

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How was the Escape different from another yoga retreat?


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We set our intentions the first night - 
sending our desires and hopes to the
universe by burning bay leaves.

Then we snuggled up to the fireplace for candlelit yoga each night. 


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The river was the soundtrack
to our weekend.

During yoga,
we opened the windows, 
turned the fire place on,
and listened to the rush of the river
next to us.


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We explored our surroundings,
wild and urban,
and found wellness in all places.

Asheville is rich with holistic culture,
full of fresh air,
and surrounded by nature.


But most of all,
it was the people on the trip who made it so special. 

Everyone at the Escape was either a migraineur, or has a loved one that battles migraines. 

That seemingly small detail was the foundation for powerful relationships and connections.

The dynamic created was more magical than we could have ever anticipated.
We were connected by more than just physical space.

Our connection was life experience and shared struggle - 
yet, it was the most uplifting group of women to be surrounded by.

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From the nourishing food which was gluten free, paleo and vegan friendly - 
to the art, massage, reiki, cooking class, and yoga...
each element of the retreat was specific to us, migraineurs - 
which brought us closer to each other, 
as well as our intentions. 

We cannot wait for the next Om Escape and hope you can join us.

To vote on the location for the NEXT Om Escape, take the survey HERE!


LINK to more pictures from the Escape