Hi my friends,

I hope this post finds you well. And even if you aren’t feeling the best, this post is for you.

The past few days have been pretty rough… Migraines and stomach issues were the bulk of my weekend, as many of you can relate to, I’m sure. And in the midst of the yucky-ness, the word restore has been at the forefront of my mind.

Friday afternoon was the beginning of the headache. It is so easy for me to ignore the start of the pain, pretending if I ignore it that it will disappear… but it never does! So Friday, I decided to be proactive and do some yin yoga at home. Yin yoga focuses on holding postures for extended periods of time for flexibility and opening. (One of my favorite sequences is Intro to Yin by Adriene, so check it out if you’re curious!) As I began my practice, it started to thunder and rain outside. It might sound silly, but just like I was taking time to restore myself, I felt like it was the clouds’ time to restore the Earth.

In that moment, I was encouraged; encouraged because it made me remember that there is a time for everything… A time to grow, to work hard, to enjoy, and to restore. This week, I hope you're encouraged to take the time you need. Take time to get in touch with your breath, allow your mind and body to let go, and your spirit to speak to what you need.

What helps you restore?  Let's talk below in the Comments section about the ways we take time for ourselves… challenges we face in this area… Or encouragement you would like to share on this topic.

Peace and Love, my friends.