Your story

I'm so excited to hear from everyone who plans to share their story with Om. If you'd like us to, we can even share your story on our community blog.

As a music therapist, I'm a huge fan of self expression. Because each of us is unique, the way you express yourself will be specific to you. I have listed a few prompts below to help get your creative juices flowing, but please do not feel confined by them.   

Your story.

Together we form one community—but a community consisting of individuals. And it wouldn’t exist without our shared experience of migraines.  To me, this emphasizes the importance of each person’s story. Not just your “migraine story,” but your story. Maybe this means what you have gained or had to sacrifice during your journey. Or, how it has shaped your perspective on life, affected your relationships….Because this is specific to you, the sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to start with a list of words associated with your experiences and see where it takes you.


Being able to connect with people who share similar experiences is incredibly powerful. Our stories might be similar, but that only validates that our battle is real—no matter who you are, battling migraines is not easy. Embrace these similarities as a connection to the community.


Om’s goal in sharing our stories is to encourage, validate, and empower one another. Although our stories may have similarities, I believe that each of us has a unique perspective shaped by our personality and life experiences. This unique perspective is part of your power. And with this power, you have something very special to share with the group. So, within your story, you might think about what encourages you, what you would like to say to the community, and what you hope to gain from and give to the community.

As I said above, the way you choose to tell your story is up to you. So, if you would rather tell it in a song, painting, poem, video, etc., please feel empowered to do so!

One last word of advice: Give yourself the gift of self reflection through this exercise. Take your time and be patient with yourself. This exercise lends itself to self exploration and taking a kind of emotional self inventory, which can be somewhat tiring. So, if you find yourself having difficulty moving forward, take a break. You will finish when you are ready. (And feel free to reach out if you need anything!)

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*Disclaimer: Om will review each story before posting. In order to create a safe space to share, we will only share stories that we feel create an atmosphere of growth. If Om finds the content of your story inappropriate in some way, we will notify you.