A note from Sarah


Dear Om Community,

As a migrainuer, I am quite aware of time. My guess is that most people with chronic migraine are. Time spent with pain…. Time spent without pain.

When pain is your predominant experience, simply existing can become exhausting. And sometimes it’s not just the pain itself, but the fear of not knowing if or when it will end.

And even though so many of us are living in this reality, the majority of people we meet have no idea to what extent the pain permeates our lives.

I want to clarify that I am grateful for my migraine.

I would not be the same person without it. It has given me a broader, more grateful view of life, motivated me to go on a journey of self inventory and discovery, allowed me to connect with people all over the world that I never would have known otherwise, sparked the development of my self compassion, given me the power of experience… The list goes on, but you get the point. ;)

Navigating my own migraine created a seedling idea which grew into Om.


What I saw through research and experience -

  1. It’s not just a headache - but most people don’t have any idea what that means. It’s our job to advocate with grace and compassion because if the roles were reversed - I pray someone would gently and lovingly help me see more fully.

  2. There are many natural / lifestyle solutions for migraine prevention and management - but most are not widely advertised and it can be difficult to find and execute on those solutions alone. That’s one reason I created Zen Nectar - to add a layer of natural relief accessible for all.

  3. We need the support of others - but the nature of this illness is isolating. With lack of understanding from others, difficulty socializing because of pain, anxiety and depression which typically accompany migraine and cause feelings of isolation - community support is ESSENTIAL.

These 3 facets are the motivation and pillars of Om.

My prayer is that as we come together as a Community, we’ll illuminate the dark places migraine creates by using our common struggles to UNIFY and STRENGTHEN us - and create a world with less pain.


I acknowledge the power and beauty within you and myself.”

Sarah, Om Founder

e: support@omhomelife.com