A note from Sarah


Dear Om Community,

As a migrainuer, I am quite aware of time. My guess is that most people fighting migraine are. Time spent with pain…. Time spent without pain. Sometimes I forget what life was like before the pain.

I find it ironic that we, as humans, are shaped by the sum of our experiences—yet all we have is this exact moment. When pain is your predominant experience, simply existing can become exhausting. Even though this is a reality for so many of us, it can be a difficult concept to fully grasp unless you have experienced it, or live with someone who does.

Before I continue, I want to clarify that I am grateful for my migraines. So much of my life would be different without them. They have given me a different way of viewing life, motivated me to go on a journey of self inventory and discovery, allowed me to connect with people all over the world that I never would have known otherwise, and last but not least, they have given me the power of experience.

I grew up with “sinus headaches,” and headaches from stress. When I got to college, my headaches became more frequent. A few Advil and cups of coffee later, I was almost as good as new. But then something changed. All the Advil and cups of coffee in the world could not touch the pain.

Along with my first migraine came the quick realization that many people did not understand the pain I was referencing, especially when I used the word, headache.

When I reached the tipping point in college, my headaches lasted for months at a time, ebbing and flowing like waves. School became difficult. Living became difficult.

When I was diagnosed with migraines, I felt a wave of relief. Finally, someone understood what I was going through!

My migraines became manageable for a while with the help of my neurologist and triptans. But over the years, my stress began to accumulate, work became increasingly demanding, and life kept moving.

And then, I met Greg--fiancé and love of my life.

We took a trip to Europe last August where Greg proposed...

migraine relief om.jpg

Europe was magical, except for having a migraine almost every day. These chronic migraines started before we left, but increased in severity and frequency during and after the trip. Upon returning to the US, I had to cut back at work. I began doing yoga all the time to try and negate the continuous stress on my body. Greg became tired and very worried (without letting me know). I became exhausted and confused. My migraines slowly took over our lives.

During this time Greg was enrolled in graduate school and had access to the entire database of research on migraines. We read everything we could get our hands on.

We quickly saw that there is a gap in our society. So many people experience a life altering amount of migraines, but society as a whole still does not understand—

1)  It is not "just a headache", and

2)  There are many natural approaches to battling migraines, and these approaches are often HEALTHIER and MORE EFFECTIVE than the way in which migraines are typically managed by the US healthcare system. 

So Greg and I embarked on a journey to create what exists today as the Om Community. When we come together as a community, we become larger than ourselves, which is a beautiful thing. The Community provides holistic, natural support to reduce the frequency & severity of migraines for people around the world, with the fundamental belief that healing starts with self love and listening to our body. 

In taking care of ourselves, listening to our instincts, knowing our limits, we are able to strive toward our best self. And as a Community, we are stronger together.


I acknowledge the power and beauty within you and myself.”

Sarah, Om Founder

e: support@omhomelife.com